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DHS highlights progress on DNS tampering prevention efforts  Politico

How the budget deal pays for cybersecurity — NSA, Cyber Command boss open to less secrecy on election security.

DHS issues first emergency cyber directive due to what didn’t happen in 2009  Federal News Network

Best listening experience is on Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Subscribe to Federal Drive's daily audio interviews on Apple Podcasts or PodcastOne. The Homeland ...

Security flaws found in top free VPN Android apps  TechRadar

New research from Metrics Lab has revealed that a number of security issues exist in the top free VPN apps on the Google Play Store.

Protecting your Domain Names: Taking the First Steps  Security Boulevard

The DNS is critical to any organization with an online presence. Attacking domain names is a notable method to DoS (Denial of *Service*), deface, abuse or ...

How to Run Pi-hole on Your Mac  iMore

Web ads keep fine enterprises like this very site afloat. But there sure are a lot of them, right? They're not always pretty to look at, they devour bandwidth, and ...

Putting SubstratumNode v0.4.2 to the Test  CryptoSlate

A Substratum brand ambassador tested the latest SubstratumNode v0.4.2 release, showing outstanding speed and performance. CryptoSlate replicated these ...

Handy, fast, free: network tools for your iPhone and Android phone  Network World

Network analyzers, remote access apps, and testing utilities turn your smartphone into a powerful network tool.

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